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Protect World Heritage

Decentralized membership collective funding World Heritage and Cultural Assets protection and development. 


Our Philosophy

TemDAO is a decentralized membership collective funding World Heritage and Cultural Assets protection and development. Its mission is to advancing world heritage protection and development in an open and democratic manner. TemDAO will own the intellectual property assets that result from the projects it supports, and members of TemDAO govern the structure and its decision-making processes. Members can join TemDAO by purchasing TEM tokens or earning them through contributions of work or intellectual property.


Transparent transactions where all expenses are recorded on-chain, making corruption impossible.
We are building the world's first decentralized cultural heritage world heritage preservation and experience community.


Our Action


in World Heritage


By holding TEM coins, users not only support the preservation of world heritage sites, but also gain access to unique cultural experiences.


This cryptocurrency approach represents a new way of thinking about the role of digital assets in promoting cultural heritage and sustainability.

We are planning more options of
World Heritage Experience


TemDAO and The Giving Block agree on each other's social contribution and have entered into Partnership as crypto industry.
The Giving Block is opening  new revenue streams for charitable organizations while reducing the crypto tax burden for donors.

Social Contributions by TemDAO

TemDAO makes crypto asset donations from its $TEM profits to aid victims of war and disasters.

For Ukraine

In March 2023, we made donations via Aid For Ukraine and Binance Charity.

Donations will be used to support displaced people in and outside the country,

as well as for  reconstruction assistance, etc.

For Turkey

In March 2023, we made a donation through Save the Children. Donations will be used to provide psychosocial support and medical assistance to children and their families in the affected regions.

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